Welcome to Butterfly Fibres!


Butterfly Fibres is nestled in South West, British Columbia, Canada and home to my 5 alpacas, many purebred registered Shetland sheep and a crazy border collie.

As a strong supporter of all-Canadian-agriculture, everything you find here is grown and processed either on my farm or within my home country.

My fibre livestock venture began in 2004 with angora rabbits. In 2008, I added alpacas, and in 2009 Shetlands wiggled their way into my flock. I chose the Shetland breed for their hardiness, beautiful natural colours and to blend their fine, strong fleece with my alpaca wools. The rabbits, alpacas and Shetlands are a natural extension of my life-long love of fibre arts and artisanal work.

I maintain strong bio-security on my farm for the good health and safety of my customers and my livestock, so please visit by appointment only, after Contacting Me here.


Marianne and the Flock